Wyze camera group showing me old cameras

I ve been using wyze cams for almost a year.
I have 4 cameras in one group.

Days ago I updated them because one have smuged lens and the over one was a wyze pan camera. So i changed for new ones

I did this… deleted old cameras and installed new ones and added like the normal procedure

But once in a while, when i open the wyze app still shows me the 2 old cameras i already delet ed. (Of course no actual image, just get the error message)

I have to close the app several times until i get the new Feed of the new cameras

What can i do to prevent this ?

If you using Android, tap and hold the app icon. Choose App info, Force stop, then Storage > Clear cache.
If that doesn’t work uninstall and reinstall the WYZE app.
I don’t use iOS so don’t know how to clear the app cache for Apple.

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You can’t from IOS settings. They just have a background app refresh. Deleting then reinstalling is your best option.