Wyze Cam Outdoor bright IR flashes during night recording?

I do see what you are saying and that’s a possibility but if that is the case I think it needs to be “tweaked”. I’ve probably messed with 50 different cameras and never seen this problem to this degree. I have seen where some cameras do initially go very white but then adjust quickly and just once. I’ll do some experimenting. Thanks!

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No doubt they could adjust this by putting a delay on when the cam auto detects the light levels, but I assume this is a trade off. If you delay the detection too much more of the video will likely be “washed out” and unusable.

Your very welcome sir, hope you can get it all sorted out.

I think you’re on the right track. The flash is the IR lights and the repetition is probably from some kind info of reflection back triggering the Auto switch. I have two sitting on the ground and have not had that problem (yet). Is there anything covering or wrapping the cam, maybe a hanging leaf from your plant, that could be out of the view of the lens but reflect the IR back to the sensors?

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No, nothing is around the camera. I even changed the plant for a statue so now there is nothing that moves around the camera at all and still the same thing. I’m thinking I may have a defective camera. I’ve gone through a lot of YouTube videos and nobody has even mentioned this and many people have these at the front door just a few feet away from somebody’s head and nobody seems to have this problem.

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It sounds like you have a defective camera to me. I have a WCO critter cam at ground level and several others where light-colored obstructions 1’-2’ away partially obstruct the view and reflect IR back at the cam. I’ve never encountered your problem, even with critters coming up from behind and coming into view only a few inches from the front of the cam. If you’re up for a return/exchange, contact Wyze Customer Support at:
1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

or via the Internet at:

Note that you may have difficulty getting through or receiving an immediate response over this 3-day weekend.


Thank you for the info! I will do just that probably first part of next week!

I’ve had the camera for a bit but just got around to installing it. I’m still on 93% from the first battery charge. LOL Thanks!

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I saw still images. did not realize that they were links to the videos. Sorry.

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Did this turn out to be a bad camera or an issue with night vision turning on and off? I see the same issue, I haven’t tried leaving the camera in night mode yet, I will test.

If this turns out to be an issue with night mode it could be overcome by having night mode run on a schedule runs from Sundown to Sunrise.

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Is there an option to schedule night mode? I was unable to find that option in the “rules”

No, it’s on the wish list.

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I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to contact Wyze yet but the camera is still doing the same thing :frowning:

We are having the same thing happen with our camera which is attached to the front garage overhang. When cars go by during the night it flashes off and on missing part of the image. Also hear the camera making the clicking noise as it changes lighting. Have reported it on a ticket but so far nothing from Wyze.
You may be right about the light bouncing back causing it to change/flash.

I’m going to try this with our camera which is attached to the eves of our garage. That is less than 10 feet. Tonight I will try turning off the Auto and turn on the IR. This is a “shouldn’t happen” booboo with the Camera Outdoors. If Auto doesn’t work, then it shouldn’t be advertised as Auto in my book.

Have the same symptom inside my garage during the daytime. There is barely enough light from a small window to record a (day) color picture and a cloud going by or the dusk/dawn transistions causes the IR filter to switch. Get the click on recording and picture bloom.
The IR lamp setting doesn’t seem to make any difference however, do miss the bug flying at night event recordings.

@Hemi Is this the Wish from Jan 2019 with 423 votes? (Voted!)

Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules

I sent in a ticket a week ago and still haven’t heard anything from Wyze :frowning:

Did you reply to the generic message and restate the problem? Usu get response in 72 hrs.

I followed the instructions in the support area and described the problem and even referenced this thread with a link. Hmm? Maybe I’ll redo it.

If you can’t get no satisfaction, contact @WyzeGwendolyn with the Support Ticket number and problem description.


Same here. I’ve replied to everything which has been sent to me.