Wyze cam idea Indoor/Outdoor

Since the Ai facial recognition is being implemented for wyze cameras, you know the green boxes that
surround the entity? Make them so that you can color code them and have a block list for the types of colors that come up on the camera so it knows what the entity is based on the colors provided on the blocklist and if you are the main person who bought and subscribed to wyze cam plus, you can also color code the owner so when the camera knows who the owner is, it won’t record or send any events because it knows who the owner is based on facial recognition (UNLESS) if there is any type of combat going on, the unknown entity is by default the green box and thus records if there is any type of interaction, even lets say at a party because you may never know what will happen. If the entity is not on the block list, or if the camera doesn’t know what it is, it is by default green and if you have the motion tracker on it’ll record and follow the entity.

Thats a great idea but i dont think wyze even cares what anyone says i never see responses from them…