Wyze Bulb Color - Smart WiFi bulb with 16 million colors & sleep routines

Because dimmer switches work by lowering the amount of power to the bulb, led bulbs don’t work like that. Also there is no point of smart bulbs if you are going to use a manual dimmer.

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LED bulbs certainly CAN be dimmed, just not in the same fashion as the typical incadece bulbs are dimmed. We are talking about a smart bulb here so you need a smart switch. Yes, it can look and feel like a typical slide switch you are used to, but it won’t function the same way. There are 2 ways the LEDS can dim both are described below.

  1. Pulse-width-modulation

To dim a LED for instance to 10% brightness, the LED is “on” 10% of the cycle and “off” for the other 90%. For an LED light dimmed to 50% brightness, the light is turned “on” for half the cycle. Basically, the longer the “on” periods are relative to the “off” periods, the brighter the LED looks. It needs to pulse quick enough so your eyes don’t notice it. Cheap LED lights have a flickering effect. Let’s hope @JimL don’t fall into that trap.

  1. Analog dimming

Analog dimming is another way to dim an LED. In this scenario, the analog dimming supply controls the forward current being fed to the LEDs; its electronics linearly reduce the current so as to dim the LEDs.



@Thejonnotjohn @cobnot

Thanks for clarifying!

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I have tons of leds on Lutron Caséta smart wall dimmers. But you can run into trouble if you mix and match led bulbs. One might not dim the same or shut completely off. Each company does LED a bit differently. I contacted Lutron and we tried a few things before I switched all bulbs to same make/model. That fixed it.

I would like to see the bulbs in different sizes too like a led can bulb or flood bulb.


Alternative Wyze Bulb sizes and types: recessed, fan, chandelier, etc


Colored bulbs like Hue would be great, and please have higher lumen choices as well.


Colored lights, full spectrum. Thanks!


I’ve been using Philips Wiz, I think they are about $15 per bulb and work without a hub.
I have 3x BR30s and 3x A19s, all full color.
BR30s in basement / computer room, 2x A19s in bedroom, and the last A19 I’ve turned into an “on air” or “do not disturb” light. If it’s red, I know that my GF is currently “Live” online and not to enter the basement.

Sure would be great not to have to use IFTTT in my bulb automations!
And if you can beat their price point, I’m going to have to find a way to unload all these Wiz bulbs lol!

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I need the full color wyze bulb like two weeks ago. Does anyone have an update to its release?


I wish!
I also wanted to add a really cool thing about the bulbs I’m using, they have a “toggle” trigger/action for ifttt.
If you guys could add that to your “rules” for bulbs, that would be amazing!

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Wyze bulbs can be triggered by IFTTT “then” actions:

Wyze Rules (Shortcuts, Schedules and Device Triggers) can also turn on/off the Wyze Bulbs and set their color and brightness.


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Yes, but that isn’t technically a toggle.

As you see above, there is only a turn on or turn off (plus brightness and color temp for the bulb).
I’d like an option where if its on, turn it off; and if its off, turn it on.
Like below (these are the triggers on those other bulbs im using):

I can do it with IFTTT and virtual switches in SmartThings, but the react time is like 4-5 whole seconds.
Virtual switches within Wyze would be another game changer!

Ahah, I see what you’re saying. The ability to toggle the bulb state via IFTTT and Wyze Rules are included in these two #wishlist topics respectively:

Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Please hop over and vote for and/or comment on those topics.


Sure thing, just made sure both were voted for!

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Hi @Kimj my wife and I were looking at night lights for toddlers and It made me think of Wyze bulbs. What would be awesome is if there was a bulb that could turn colors at a specific time. For example the light remains red (or a color you select) until the toddler can wake up and then changes green (or a color you select) at a set time.

My thought is this could be setup using rules. From 5:00pm to 7:00pm light is green (or a color you select). New rule from 7:00pm to 6:00am light is red. New rule from 6:00am to 6:30pm the light would be green.

Creating multiple rules could hopefully allow the type of functionality I am looking for.

A bonus would be a dim on or off for each specific rule. So for some rules the light dims on or off bilut not always. Assuming you want it to dim on when you wake up but maybe not at other times.
Also… rules that can be set by day so each rule only happens on certain days.

I hope this all makes sense and thank you for listening to suggestions. I love Wyze and all the products you offer.


Interested in Full Color Wyze bulbs as well! Also, very interested in testing when that is an option!

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I love your ideas! They are definitely noted! @brandonrutledge88

Btw on the dim on/off feature, you are not alone. Many community members have requested it for waking up. This feature is in Beta Testing right now with our Wyze Bulb! Should release soon :slight_smile:


I would love a version of the Bulb where I could change the color.

It would be cool to be able to control it to my music. I have a man cave with a bar and speakers, would be cool to put the bulbs in here and sync them to my music. I use Spotify and Alexa to play music in there, not sure how the bulbs could do that but maybe a feature with connecting to Amazon?

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