Wyze Battery Camera Pro Spotlight keeps turning on and off

I installed the Battery Cam Pro with a Wyze Solar panel. It worked for about two months. Now the solar panel will not charge battery and the spotlight keeps turning on and off until the battery is dead in about a day or two.

Mine worked great for two months with solar panel. Now the battery is dead. Trying to figure out why. Did you find a solution?

Yes, on mine. I brought it in the house and charged it. Then took it out and at night as soon as it saw movement. The floodlight came on and then off after it timed out. Then it intermittently turned on and off, many times. Actually until the battery died.

Then I contacted customer service to get a warranty replacement because the light issue continued. It was not easy but they did say they would send me a replacement. I am waiting on the replacement.

Good luck @rhopril

Thanx for response. I hope the new one works better. I have a feeling that all of them need to have a program change so that this doesn’t happen.