Wyze App Loads Twice on Android v.6.0.1 device


When I launch the WYZE app on my phone there are no problems. When I launch it on my Samsung Tablet (TAB-S 10) running Android 6.0.1, the app always has to load twice. It starts to load, I choose a camera group and it shuts down. The second time it works normally. I have cleared the cache and redone the camera groups, and made sure the device system was up to date. It is not a big enough pain that I want to remove and reinstall the app since there would be a lot of setup to redo.

Any ideas? I have worked this issue for a while.

Maybe restart the tablet? I have a Samy Tab A 10 and when I start having app problems and slowdowns I just restart the tablet and it clears it up for the time being.

Tried that too. It is only a problem if I hear noise outside, like the Delivery persons, and want to see what is up? It slows down the loading.

FIXED: Apparently I had the original WYZE app and the WYZE BETA app both loaded. I removed the beta and the issue disappeared.

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