Would like the ability to export logs for the Wyze Sense Climate Sensor

Would like the ability to export logs for my Wyze Climate Sensors. Something like what Samsung Smartthings has the ability to do by using google spreadsheets.

GitHub - loverso-smartthings/googleDocsLogging: SmartThings Google Sheets Logging

Good idea, that would be useful. Remember to vote for your post, as it’s not added automatically.

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How do we make this happen? We have votes

Wyze reviews the wishlist every week or so and reviews ideas to add to their internal tracker. Some wishlists have 100s of votes and still no progress, while others only need a few before being implemented. It all depends on the feasibility.

I have no insight into the progress of this, but I’m guessing it’s going to need more votes before Wyze considers it.

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Ok thanks

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