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‘Consider the evidence,’ sez the S.O.

Bad idea, honey. :rofl:

Health technology:

Class 1 - Human physiology :heart_eyes:
Class 2 - Disease :cold_sweat:

The title of the textbook was literally, Disease

:man_scientist: There is no joy in Mudville, apparently.:lab_coat:

The domain of the colorectal surgeon, perhaps? I knew one who was happy to teach about his “butt cases” and was quite particular (one might say “anal”, but I would never deign…) about how his patients were prepped and taped prior to surgery.

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Best party I’ve ever been to was with a bunch of hospital people on the beach on a prime summer eve fifty years ago. No doctors that I can recall. And one of the women was the sister of the creator of Northern Exposure, fwiw. Too fun. :slight_smile:

This is one of the best shows, especially when it can be viewed with the music included in its original broadcast. Adam Arkin’s character (and his performance) is one of my favorites from any TV show of any era.

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first world problems

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That reminds me of In Living Color, because Homey don’t play that!

It also reminds me of Chess, because Freddie/The American was “only teasing Soviets…with gentle bonhomie.


‘Homey may be a clown but he don’t make a fool outta hisself.’ :clown_face:

Interesting! I met a guy online who’d done some film scoring and he claimed that ABBA’s wide international appeal was due (largely?) to some structural musical tonal quality that humans resonate with organically.

I’m not drawn to them so I guess I’m deaf to that particular tone, whatever it is… :deaf_man: :thinking: :grin:

I’ve never really gotten into the ABBA catalog. I’ve also never seen the entire Chess story performed, but I still have the original album on vinyl and liked the music they added when it evolved from a concept album to a staged show.

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It would be interesting to watch a well-made fly on the wall doc on that process.

The Stones did one on the development of the tune Sympathy for the Devil that was pretty strong. It was lying there limp for a long while until someone changed-up the rhythm & tempo and it just started to PUMP.

Because :fly: is food for :frog:?

Ronald Reagan…the actor?!” I reckon that phrase has utility in a number of contexts.

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When unreciprocated, could possibly lead to enragement.

(I wondered what the next post in this topic would be after reading in the Fix-It Friday….)

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Heh, well said. And edgy humor can be masked anger. :slight_smile:



:astonished: :books: :relieved:



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Thanks! :wind_face: :smiling_face:

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You’re welcome! :bowing_man:

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