WOC not sending notifications and fast battery drain

For the past month or so…maybe longer…at least since the last two firmware updates, my WOC battery drains after a few days, maybe a week at most. And I no longer receive any notifications from it when it is working. I can check it, and I can see events listed in the event tab on the app, but I don’t get a notification on my phone like I do from the other cameras and sensors…those work fine.

Again - everything was working fine…then one day, it wasn’t.


What firmware are you running on the affected camera and the base? And PLEASE don’ say “latest” lol. There are lots of “latest” depending on whether you are production, Beta, or can actually SEE the “latest” version.

I’m running the latest public released firmware versions - I’m not part of any beta. Version for the base, and for the camera.