WOC base station mount

Saw these on Amazon and couldn’t come up with a valid reason not to buy a couple.

The wall adapter pops into the rear of the bracket, the base station slides in and latches on the front of the bracket. The cable is wrapped around the inside of the bracket.

Having OCPD, I was not happy with any way the cord was wrapped because there was always a loop no matter if the winding was started at the power adapter or at the plug that goes in the base station.

The empty wall bracket

The base station and wall adapter mounted in the bracket.

This will take up a good part of a wall outlet and will block the other receptacle.

My base stations are on WiFi so the Ethernet cable isn’t used.



Going in the junk drawer. They take up too much room on the outlet. Are nice for neatniks who don’t like cord clutter.