Why is my map wonky?

We have 3 robovacs and they work well. Just this last one makes the wonkiest maps. Any ideas why? Anyone seen this? I can assure you my rooms are all pretty much 90 degree corners :slight_smile:

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An earlier map I had was slightly off like that. It was corrected after moving the dock elsewhere and recreating the map.

So you can probably fix that by changing the starting point (move the dock) and recreating the map. Then you can put the dock back where you want. It must do a full clean without issues to properly save the new dock location.


Make sure there is no debris in the LIDAR scanner. You can use canned air or a compressor to blow it out of the little hole in the disk shaped thing on top.

Also, make sure there aren’t any mirrors or reflective surfaces that extend all the way to the ground. These can really confuse LiDAR and cause things like this.

Lastly, do what purchark suggested and delete your map and remake it.


Nothing blocking the sensor. I have moved it to see what I get from a new location and will let it remap. I have seen the maps skew over time like an image copied too many times but starting out this way is weird. Easy to just redo the map and see :slight_smile:


Much better. Not sure why it stopped liking where it was but now it looks like my house!

Thanks for the suggestion


Glad you got it! Let us know if it happens again.

For the map skew over time… one of my tips is to avoid using full clean unless you want to update the map. If you select the rooms to clean, it won’t save the changes (or map corruptions).