Why is Frame Rate so low?

Currently as of year 2024: all Wyze “plugged in” wired cameras have: Frame Rate Day: 20 fps, Night: 15 fps

It would mean that even with 2k camera, you won’t be able to see license plate of a moving car at 35 feet during day time.
At night time, it would be impossible to recognize unknown people face while they’re running.

You are confusing frame rate and the electronic version of shutter speed. Using more traditional camera terminology, you could have a shutter speed of 1 1,000th sec or 1 30th sec regardless of frame rate.

You can definitely recognize faces of any moving people and stuff that are not too far out to be blurred too much to do so. However, higher prices could see better parts and specs.

They have to guarantee enough money so its not like they can throw in higher quality parts for the price. They really need to go down in parts cost as they don’t actually make enough money. So the specs should get worse not better. That is the real 2024 for businesses. Customers don’t care so they will say whatever as most don’t want to pay.