Why do plus subscriptions get priority

I love my Wyze cameras. But I don’t understand why Wyze gives priority for v3 availability to those who buy the cam plus subscription plan. Well, I do. Money. Shame on you Wyze. This should be a first come first serve basis and v3 cameras made available to anyone regardless.

I get it but I love cam plus totally worth it for long video and no cool down.

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Because in my opinion, Wyze is realizing that they can make more money by selling services than by selling products at very low margin. It is a ploy to get more Cam Plus subscribers - which I am not and have absolutely zero interest in getting.
Just my opinion…

It is simply economics 101. When a company has 2 products like Home Security and cam + that are dependent on a V3 and there is a severe shortage, it only makes sense that available v3"s should be used to fill orders to cover the greatest number of product fulfillmentsas possible. This is not a charity

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I look at it as blackmail to get a product I wanted! Wyze saying we won’t sell you this unless you buy this is shameful and only makes me want to find an alternative company and product to buy from.

Or they could just double the price. That is how supply and demand is supposed to work. It is very weird that people take this personally.

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It’s not far off from cell phone providers providing discounted phones if you sign up for their plan.

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If you want you can buy them from home depot without needing a Cam plus subscription

And I want to know why I keep getting this email. I have 5 working C+ subscriptions and I haven’t deleted any of them except to reset my 4 outdoor cams because I can’t download the videos anymore from them. All the cams are online currently using their C+ license.

Ok, ok. You haven’t decided that Cam Plus is worth it to you yet. Allow us to cut to the chase: We want you back and are here to sweeten the deal.

We’d like to offer you one month of Cam Plus for free ! You’ll have more time to experience Cam Plus premium features like Person Detection and unlimited full-length videos.

Whether you’re looking to record your dog’s next great escape or see who’s admiring your car while you’re away, we’re firm believers Cam Plus can get it done.

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