What Twit tv said about the cams here

Twit.tv posted a remark about the wyze cameras that should be allowed to be seen just to be open and transparent. it on yourtube here:

watch at timeline it beginning at : 9:55 it mentions wyze cams and a past breach form leo laporte.The tech guy

There’s already a couple of discussions about this and wyze responded as well.

Wyze responded, too, but whether it could be characterized “as well” remains up for debate. :joy:

Here ya go, @johnnybo. Feast your eyes here:

But be forewarned it may take some time to read.

Maybe the mods should create a new tag called #tl;dr, but then ALL of my posts would probably be sent there. So never mind.

Leo Laporte, he’s still around? Ain’t seen that dude since the Tech TV days, showing people how to install 56.6k modems in a 700Mhz AMD box. Still meh.


You can Always hide details, make it collapsible for the TL:DR or as I like to call it the @peepeep special :wink:


Yeah but this is seprate from that report this is simply a opinion of what twit (leo laporte) said to a national broadcast and should be allowed to stand.

It stands. The Verge article, in its many permutations, stands. Bitdefender’s white paper stands. Every commenter’s statement on YouTube stands.

As to what we take from them is up to each of us. If you read what everyone has already said about it in that thread and elsewhere on this forum, you can make your own decisions based on your own values and needs.

This whole forum is searchable by keyword. So if someone wants to engage on the subject you needn’t worry that it will be buried in the avalanche of a long thread. Anyone can search for TWiT or Leo Laporte and zero in on your comments and you on theirs no matter what the thread is titled.

TO YOUR POINT: Personally I have put my plans to purchase more smart home products from Wyze on hold and, if I continue to see no indication that Wyze has a solid plan to revise how it responds to threats in the present and future, I will channel those funds to other companies. BECAUSE: I believe that Wyze indeed drug its feet far too long and still hasn’t directly notified all of its former, current and potential customers in a way that I recognize as straightforward and informative.

My current level of investment in Wyze equipment won’t dictate whether I continue to help Wyze stay in business. If I already had thousands of dollars tied up in Wyze products and needed the company to survive in order to continue to have that investment supported by software updates and so on, my self-interest might be more closely aligned with Wyze’s, but at this point it doesn’t look like I will ever have the opportunity to test that theory. And I take no pleasure from it either way.

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NO doubt about your statement but this is showing a post to the show that’s national and there opinion about what happen, your post does not respond to what Leo said only to what Bitdefender posted

thats why I posted the link here:
watch at timeline it beginning at : 9:55

If you cared enough to hear others’ opinions that you claim to be soliciting and had read that thread, you would’ve found this post toward the bottom. The issues are intertwined and much discussion has already taken place about it, including a bit about Leo Laporte’s comments.

I, for one, don’t have the energy to give you a reader’s digest version of the debate or the community’s comments about Leo’s comments in particular (where there are just a few). But more to your benefit your questions and comments related to any part of the security report, and news stories/reports/comments appertaining to it, have a greater chance of enjoying a bigger audience and response if you post them there.

Or not. You do you. Best wishes.

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Well CNET also has posted teh response here: https://www.cnet.com/home/security/your-home-security-camera-could-be-hacked-so-treat-it-that-way/

Leo’s Me Too alarmist response picked away at whatever remaining respect I had for the old fool. Honestly he is / was usually smarter than that.

More interesting, I’m not a fan of the Click to Expand technique. If you’re going to the trouble of writing long content, be proud. It’s likely to be valuable to someone, and others are free to skim at will.

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