What is the length of the usb cord on the PanCam v2

hello all-
also can a longer usb cord be used for power?

Welcome to the forums! According to the Pan V2 shop site they included USB cord is 6 ft long. I would say yes, a longer USB cord can be used but make sure you’re monitoring the camera to see that it’s not exhibiting signs of lack of power.


If you use a different USB cord, try to get one with heavier gauge wire, and you probably should limit it to 25 ft. A better way to go 25 ft if you can do it is to run an AC extension cord for most of the distance, and run the last 6 ft with the standard adapter.

I do have one such installation where I ran an AC extension cord to a window. The standard camera cord wouldn’t reach to the floor from the top of the window, so I slip-knotted the extension cord to the curtain rod behind the curtain. Then I plugged the adapter in there. :slight_smile: