We're Looking For a Smart Camera Technician!

Hey, folks!

We are currently looking for a Smart Camera Technician. This person will be responsible for processing RMA returned products, analyzing data to increase efficiency, providing technical support internally, performing quality inspections, generating weekly reports and monthly comparisons, and reporting the findings from testing to the R&D and manufacturing teams.

Do you have a degree in Engineering or equivalent experience? Do you have a passion for testing and advocating for quality? Do you feel comfortable communicating across departments and management levels in multiple settings? Are you self-motivated and detail oriented? Do you have strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a love for data-based decisions? Do you have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of electrical engineering? Do you have strong organizational skills?

If so, please check out this job description to learn more!




I see that the Smart Camera Technician position is still listed on your General Application page. Are you still hiring for the position?