Webview cameras frequently disconnect

We want to continuously view the cameras.

I suspect that the webview bounces the feeds off a wyze server before coming back to the house. If this is the case, wyze should point this out and explain that it is not for continuous viewing.

we tried firefox and chrome.
we upgraded our home wifi and have wired backhauls on most access points.

Next step for me is getting an android computer and a programmable mouse jiggler to swipe between the cameras. The chromebook with the sideloaded app shows the cameras much more reliably than the web view. It has enough bugs and glitches that my client won’t be able to use it without the mouse simulator to automate tasks.

We would totally buy a DVR like box from wyze.
I suspect you could make an android small computer and sell it for $100 and charge something per month.

Welcome to Wyze, @opop!

Yes, WebView uses Wyze servers external to your house. Not good for bandwidth or privacy, IMO.

WebView was never meant for continuous viewing. Your local ISP bandwidth may be exceeded, for instance. WebView is only meant for short connections when you are away from home. When you are at home, use the Wyze app.

I also want to continuously view the cameras when at home (but also when away!)

I am mostly an Apple user, but for continuous monitoring just use a dedicated Android tablet with a sideloaded Wyze app set in 4-camera group mode. If I need to see another camera, I just swipe left or right. You can use this same setup when home, or away, Apple or otherwise. No WebView required. No external BW required until you are away from home.

Your Chromebook with the sideloaded Wyze app probably works similarly.

WebView is really only meant to be used when the app can’t, like when you can’t install the Wyze app at work (privilege), or when ports for the app are blocked at work. It is not meant for everyday use.

In my case, I could use the Wyze app on a pure Android tablet, but when on sale I can get a 32GB Amazon Fire 10” tablet for less than $100 when they are on sale (currently $140).

Tip: You can set an alert with camelcamelcamel for this item or many other Amazon items when they drop below your target price:

The minus for the Fire tablets is as most sideloaded app implementations they aren’t officially supported by Wyze. In this case mostly I find they crash to the device screen at least once a day, but I get a heck of a lot of monitoring in between, and I can just press the device group to go back.

If you own a pure Android tablet that experiences this same issue, please report it to Wyze!

I do not need a mouse jiggler, it stays active by itself. I do have the screen set to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity, but runs are much longer than 30 minutes. Only crashes to the device screen stop it, and they can be hours long.


We also started playing with a program that allows a second copy of an app to run on an Android/chromebook. The issue is it uses the main system chrome to authenticate and there is probably a work around… but then we might be able to get 8 cameras to show.

We’re also looking into getting a raspberry pi, and a programmable mouse jiggler to swipe between the screens.