Watch and Band appear on both iPhone and iPod

I have a Wyze Watch 47 paired with my iPod Touch and my wife has a Wyze Band paired with her iPhone. When we open the Wyze app we both see both devices. If I move the Band to the bottom of the device list on my iPod, it also moves to the bottom of the list on my wife’s iPhone. I set up the app on her iPhone using my username and password. Is there an easy way to remove my watch from her iPhone and leave it only on my iPod? Or do I have to reinstall the app on her iPhone using a different username and password?

If you are using the same account, then no. The app will reflect the same on the devices using the same account. Easiest thing to do is to create an account for your wife and share the devices with her. She will be limited on what she can do with Camera’s, but will be able to stream and be notified. She can then add the band under her name and you leave your watch under yours. Then it will be unique to each person.

You would need to have 2 accounts that’s what I did with my wife

Thanks for your replies. I kind of thought that was the answer.