Wall-mounted Wyze display/tablet (10" or larger)

A wall mounted tablet with all the live feeds of the camera’s

Just curious… why not purchase an inexpensive Android tablet for this purpose? The market is pretty saturated with low priced Android tablets.


Maybe it could have some extra features that a normal tablet does not have? It could be waterproof so you can take it into the bathroom, extra sensors like a proximity sensor, or a clean slate tablet without al the apple and android crap and
that the only thing that pops up is the wyze app so it is more robust against being hacked. And of course a wall mount plus an build in mount.

Would be nice if it is oled too. Just my 2 cents

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Yeap echo other response to android tablet. They are cheap and has more options.

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This seems like a pointless product, since Android tablets are much cheaper and you have greater diversity. A better investment of resources would be an Android (or iOS) app that displays all the WyzeCam feeds in a nice presentation,

I would like a wall mounted information station. Where i can view and control all of my Wyze products at a glance.
Here is a link to what im talking about. Thanks.


I would really just need a software solution – i.e. an update to the app to allow a “dashboard” or “tiled” display. That way you can get a cheap or used tablet and set it up for this and Wyze wouldn’t need to sell a whole tablet.

See these:

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It should be similar to the IQ panel that you can control all your Wyze devices. I know that you can run a cheap tablet but what Wyze can do is put there own OS (type) on the tablet and make it view friendly.
With an Android tablet it will just have alot of distractions from the Android OS behind the app.
Please integrate with Wyze Home Monitoring.

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With the apparent ability to add new and completely unrelated products to your company, can we get you to develop and produce and new one for home automation?

Wishlist item:
7" or 10" touchscreen display w/ portrait and landscape display options
In wall and flush mount options
powered by POE adpater, 110v inwall adapter(hardwired), with battery backup
Wifi 2.4, bluetooth (as speaker)
Front Camera, mic and speakers
Open UI (android prefered) or locked down like Fully Kiosk

I need to have a screen that I can run my home automation dashboard on (Hubitat), view cameras, check weather, start vacuum, open the gate, take&make video calls, ect. This is normally a DIY project that gets cobbled to geather with the 3D printer, kids old tablet, some soldering and wishful thinking.

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Would be so nice to have Wyze come out with a tablet specifically just to control everything inside and outside the home. Cams, Locks, Lights Home Monitoring System. Would be nice to have to just take room to room for those who wish not to use their phone to control everything.

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home monitor video dashboard

Need a monitor dashboard device like other security systems have…So Wyze can navigate and control all Wyze products from the wall mounted touch display, not just the numerical keyboard that the home security has now… would love to see all wyze devices on a wall mount display that would also be the security system device…Hate that it is just a keypad right now

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Smart display Screen to visualize multiple cameras at once

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been created yet but we desperately need a Wyze display screen that can be put on a wall and that show us a split screen of multiple cameras. Might be able to take advantage of the prewiring done by iqpanels that nobody uses, yet they still put on new houses.

Using the Wyze home monitoring system would pair well with this new display, might even push HMS sales further.

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Consider this. Not officially supported by Wyze, but seems to do the job. Set a CamelCamelCamel alert to buy as low as $75:

should be an HDMI plug (like a chromecast) that you can link to all of your camera devices.

Most home monitoring/alarm systems have a panel that notifies people in the home is a door is opened or other triggers. It could even integrate the thermostat, home monitoring, and other items are monitored by the hub would be pretty neat addition to the Wyze lineup. Notifications could be “assigned” to notify the control panel for people in the house in case of an intruder when the account holder’s isn’t in the home and/ notifications are not shared!!