Video Stream through Google Home Devices

I stumbled across this today but no way to test. Can anyone confirm that the video stream is now available through a Chrome Cast or other smart display?

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I have Google Home on a Pixel Tablet with 4 cameras on my Main page. They all stream without issues: I am using V3Pro, V3, and Floodlight Pro.

I can also stream my Video Doorbell Pro and the Battery Cam Pro.

Thanks. Out of curiosity, how long have you been able to do this? It’s the first time I’ve seen this. Normally in the past in my Google Home app it just states the camera is offline or something similar.

I have been able to stream for sometime now. However, there was a period of time where there were some issues, but it got resolved rather quickly, from my stand point.

I also have CamPlus unlimited on all my cameras, not sure if that makes a difference.