V3 camera - allow continuous recording more than 9 days

Remove the 9 day (or 100GB) limitation on continuous recording for the V3 cams. Large SD cards up to 256GB are common now that the cameras support exFAT, and even if unofficially supported, are being used in these cameras. 9 days is not enough history for many common camera applications, and motion detection is not reliable or consistent enough to remove the need for continuous recording.

Seems like these cameras were updated to support a larger file system, but never removed this 9 or 10 day limitation (or it may be about 100GB limitation, cannot tell for sure).

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There is no 9 day or 100GB limitation for continuous microSD recording on any Wyze cam. The Wyze Cam v3 currently supports exFAT and you may install any size card. Please ensure your app and v3 firmware are up to date:

I have been running 64GB, 128GB and 256GB cards for years with no problems. Make sure you use genuine, high-quality, high-endurance microSD cards specifically made for continuous recording cams. I’m getting about 5 days 13 hours and 30 minutes on 64GB cards with a v3 cam in HD mode using these cards. Double that time for a 128GB card and a little less than quadruple for a 256GB card. This is from a v3 cam with a 128GB card installed and currently has a little over 11 days of HD footage stored on it:


I have a v3, firmware and app are up to date, a sandisk high endurance 256gb that worked in cam out of the box. And it only records 9 days, and the manage micro sd card screen shows only about 90gb/238gb used. Any suggestions?


I am starting to think Wyze doesn’t care… I too have two Wyzecam V3 with 256gb Sandisk cards and they only record up to 90gb. C’mon Wyze… a response would be good please

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Sounds to me exactly like my problem posted here earlier over the weekend


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Same situation here. I have multiple V3 with Sandisk 128gb and 256gb cards. On the 128gb cards I get about 115gb and 11 days of continuous footage, whereas the 256gb only about 94gb/9days. I tried reformatting the cards multiple times with different softwares; it makes no difference.

RentBoy, you are basically confirming my results…

So following on from my recent posts about this same problem…

Dropping recording to SD quality appears to eliminate the problem on 256G cards, however I have to wait a few more days to confirm as the card/cam I am testing on has 81.5G used currently and showing playback available from 02:00 on 30th March (16 days) which of course is an improvement over the available playback on purely HD recordings of 8 days.

I am also testing HD recording on another cam with a 128G card. I can confirm that this is using 114G before overwriting the earliest recordings, which at this time is 14:00 in 5th April (11 days) which is an improvement over the previous available playback on a 256G card recordings of 8 days.

From this testing I can conclude that 128G cards are being treated as 128G cards (as they should be) when using HD quality. However, going on previous results I now believe that 256G cards are not fully supported at HD quality. I will need to confirm this once I have enough recordings to top 128G on the 256G card. I will report back on this once I can fully confirm.

If this is the case then I can see how we are not getting the full potential of the cameras and 256G cards using HD


You guys needs to submit Log(S) to Wyze if you want their attention.


I’ve been running tests on v2 and v3 cams with various firmware versions for over a month now. There is definitely a firmware bug for cards larger than 128GB. I have no problems with old firmware using 256GB and 512GB cards. On cams running later versions where Wyze made a firmware change to “Added support for exFAT microSD card formats”, my 256GB and 512GB cards have issues. Will be submitting logs and posting results next week as my v2 test isn’t complete yet.


Log ID 543708 submitted

Seapup, I am glad you now acknowledge the problem :slight_smile:


It takes a very l-o-n-g time to test this issue. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Has anyone tested to see if there is a difference between cards formatted fat32 vs exfat?

My 128G is formatted as Fat32 - The 256G is still formatted as ExFat as that one is a faff to get to and I wanted to test it with SD recordings :slight_smile:

So the 128g is fat32 and it is working correctly. The 256g is exFat and isn’t working correctly. So maybe a formatting incompatibility with exFat?

WildBill, not quite, I have not quite finished testing the 256G/ExFat with SD quality recording. At this time the available days has increased significantly over the HD quality (currently 17 days using just over 84G with no overwriting) Previously, it was just about at this point that HD recordings started to overwrite and days started to delete. A few more days will tell us more.

I have a 256G card formatted Fat32 ready to test with HD quality. In fact I am going to replace the 128 with it today as I have already confirmed that this one is using the full capacity of the card before overwriting.

I believe SeaPup has already confirmed that this will fail with the same problem already experienced with using the full capacity of the 256/512G cards, however I would like to confirm this myself :slight_smile:



I have now swapped out the 128 for a 256 and am testing HD recording on Fat32 - It will be about 8-9 days before I can confirm the result.

Seems I spoke too soon regarding the 256G/ExFat at SD quality. Just checked the earliest available recording:-
Previously (from my post above) from 02:00 on 30th March using 81.5G
Today from 20:00 31st March using 81.26G
So overwriting has started today with some 149G free on the card.

I can also confirm that I’m seeing a limit of 10-11 days of continuous recording on a 256G card that should support around 25 days worth. This is on Pan Cam v1 and v2, and on a Cam v3. On all cameras, when I go to Settings > Advanced > Manage MicroSD, I see:
Pan Cam v2: 89.26G/238.15G
Pan Cam v1: 89.57G/238.26G
Cam v2: 86.93G/238.26G

All cameras are on the latest firmware. The SDCards are all formatted as exFAT, and their capacities have been fully tested and verified using f3 utilities. All cameras have had these cards in them since early March. I can only go back around 10 days when using View Playback, on all these cameras.

The firmware DEFINITELY has this 10-11 day limitation.

(I’ve just submitted log 545615 to document the issue.)

I just came across this thread today, I have pushed this issue up the chain with the log numbers so far. If anyone gets more log numbers post them here and I will forward those up also.


Thank you, Jason. I had a less-than-fruitful interaction with my chat agent on this matter. Your chat system is clearly under-staffed. I’m guessing that the queue is reduced more by attrition than by service. When I finally got the agent (after NINETY minutes in the queue!), I explained the situation; the agent went away to research it; and then came back and indicated that I would receive an email follow-up after consulting with a “product specialist”.
The agent then emailed me with an explanation that contradicted both itself and the report I provided. I pointed out the problems with the agent’s response, and have received no reply at all.

Review ticket 1979170 for details.