User selection should be done via the scale

Currently, I have to select which user is stepping on the scale for their weight to be tracked correctly. This means my phone has to be at the scale before my kids step on the scale. This should be done by the scale. All info should be stored in the scale per user until my phone performs a sync with the scale.

When a user steps on the scale, the scale should determine who this user is by their weight. If weights are close, then the user can select their name by leaning to one side or the other. Once their profile is recognized by the scale, the weight, fat mass, and heart rate should be taken and stored per user until a sync is performed with my phone.

My children and wife get up after I do and do not weight until after I have already left the house. This renders the scale useless for us as a family smart scale.

Good suggestion. I wonder if a firmware update could fix this.

Hi @jfbarberio, the scale will store the data for each user, and upload the data to the app profile once the scale is connected to the phone later. Can you try it ? Thanks!

How does the scale know which user is standing on the scale? I have 2 users that are very similar in weight.

Hi @jfbarberio, the scale will identify the user by weight ( 6.6 lbs apart). If there are two users have similar weight, please turn on “only measure with app open” in users-- account info for one user, then other user’s data will upload flawless. Thanks!

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Wow 6.6 lbs is a huge amount of weight. All 3 of my kids weigh within 6.6.lbs of each other. If I turn that function on, then my phone will have to be with them when they weigh,. Which is the exact problem I described initially. My phone will be with me at work when the kids wake up to weigh in the morning. This renders this scale useless as scale. Your competition actually has the users lean to one side or the other to select who the user is. It also has a much lower number than 6.6 lbs to determine user difference.

While I have you, the scale should also measure heart rate without having to ask it to. It should measure weight, fat mass, and heart rate every time. Currently I have to tell it to measure heart rate, step off of the scale, and step back on before it will measure.

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User selection could be via the scale at the time of weighing
It could be done postmortem on the app itself. e.g.

  • I open my app next to scale
  • it downloads 20 weight readings
  • it auto-associates with several family members that may be incorrect due to proximity
  • The app highlights any such weight measurement with a color (e.g. red) to identify a potential mis-allocation
  • I can click on that reading (or Edit/Select)
  • Now I would get another option in addition to Delete. This option is to associate with another user
  • I can choose the member this reading belongs to
  • and Done!

This is likely the most convenient way as my kids wont likely spend the time to select a diff. person prior to weighing themselves but at least I can fix it later.


I guess I could do this, but I did buy a smart scale. Why would I want to have to do this everyday for 3 kids? If this is the case, I could keep track in a spreadsheet or something.


The scale could do it for me like competitor products.

I do like the ability to delete or re-assign weight measurements as mistakes could happen. This is also what competitor products do.

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I do get that this may not lend itself to every use case and clearly may not be 100% what you want, But it would be good to have the feature since it allows to:

  • auto-associate measurements but highlight close weights that may be suspect
  • If an issue, still can fix

But I was also wondering whether other factors can contribute in identifying a member e.g. use weight as the primary factor but if they get too close to each other, then check other metrics such as BMI and measured fat. I do have 2 family members with similar weight (~ 5lbs diff) but very different body fat which could help identify end users very easily (at least in this case).

What do you say Wyze? :smile:

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I am considering the Wyze scale for my elderly parents whom I care for, but they do not have smartphones. From what I gather from this conversation, can the app on one phone keep track of user data for multiple people (me and my parents) or does each person need their own cell phone with app as I was told by a Wyze representative?

My wife uses all of the scale features. I just want to step on it to get a quick weight without interacting. If I just jump on it to get that quick weight the scale will apparently record my weight as hers.

There is a way to use the scale only when the app is open but that requires the user that wants data recorded to carry the phone into the location where the scale resides and that is usually the bathroom where there is moisture. A great feature would be to delay the recording of any data unless a person is standing on the scale for XX number of seconds. That would allow a person just to get their weight without having any data recorded. The person who wants data recorded would not have to carry the phone into the bathroom or open up the ramp or both.

That’s useful to know the exact threshold it uses to determine who is who, but I have a similar problem as the OP, me and another member of the family have a close enough weight, and it’s inconvenient to have to open the app, go to the scale, and sit there making sure the phone connects etc everytime.

Many of the other stats the scale reads vary greatly between me and the other user, couldn’t those be used in the same way to differentiate us? Something like if the weight are too close, check the body fat percentage or something, and that should help determine who is who.

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Same issue :frowning:
3 years later, and no progress on this issue yet? having the ability to re-assign a reading to another user rather than just deleting their reading when it ends up in your data shouldn’t be that hard!