[Updated 02-13-20] Data leak 12-26-2019

I agree it’s a discussion worth having. I can see arguments for both, but I certainly understand why they didn’t choose to include that information when that particular messaging went out. I don’t think they’re being evasive or anything. Certainly there’s some reasonable amount of time between becoming aware of a problem and informing people about it. Even the process of drafting an update doesn’t happen instantaneously.


I just read the whole post that @Frederik posted and wow, that was a nice clear post, and something I like to hear from any company. I wish more companies did this, instead of selling my data at any chance they get.


Understood. You made the case well, imo. :slight_smile:

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Sure, and in all honesty, they were thrust into this position by the “security researchers” who failed to follow all reasonable, ethical disclosure methods.

Had they (researchers) followed said protocols, all of this would be happening COMPLETELY unbeknownst to even this subset of users. Had Wyze been given appropriate notice, there would have been no forum post about the “Alleged Breach”; we all would have received the email yesterday, and gone happily about our business. Wyze would have had all the time needed to perform thorough discovery, And everyone would be emailed AFTER the incident is resolved. Yet, here we are, and Wyze has been more than accountable, despite all the common professional courtesies they were not afforded by said security researchers.


Can you point us in the direction of that post please thank you

The post can be found here:


Thanks for resharing that post by @Frederik. It’s really refreshing to see that stance and POV from a company these days. I’ve pretty much accepted that my privacy is intentionally traded away by most companies. Nice to see wyze taking a different approach.


Thank you that was very good to read

The reality of this is a significant lose of trust of the Wyze product and its leadership. Security in the US is never given priority, Unlike the EU where such breaches result in significant fines, and increased oversight, here in the US it’s just a polite email saying “An employee made a mistake”

It’s clear to me that the explosive growth and new product’s have come at the expense of not just security but if useability. The loss of Xi and person detection, the expansion of the paid storage service, light bulbs, and plugs are all just half thought our business “Ideas”

You’ve lost a customer over all these issues.

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Do you live in the US or EU? I’m just curious because you mentioned the differences so I was wondering if you live in the United States and you know how it works then you know kind of what you’re getting yourself into don’t you? So if you live in the United States I don’t understand why this would be any different than any other company that has had much larger issues? Did you cease doing business with them also? Do you use a credit card for example? Because every credit card company has had much much larger issues with customer information been breached


I guess you now have $250 worth of paper weights.


I think Wyze did the best they could given this unfortunate incident. For those that commented that Wyze is not a secure company with user data or because there products are lower price points you get what you pay for etc. that’s a load of crap. What Wyze did identifying the issue as early as possible, taking any as many steps as possible to reduce further info leaks, and being transparent is what good companies do. Unfortunately the bad guys are out there doing this all the time and sad to say it will happen again to another company and it doesn’t matter if large or small. Also I think there many companies that this happens to that never come clean so we just don’t know about it. As noted they have learned from it and hopefully this doesn’t happen again.


WOW…so when we were told our data was secure it actually wasn’t?!
This is happening all too often with so many companies who brag about how secure they are.
Were saved videos obtained?
This is an example of how companies get too big to fast and make stupid mistakes that should NEVER happen all at the customer’s expense and a simple “sorry we will do better going forward” ensues.
Pile this on with the app crashing on videos older than 10 hours etc etc makes me want to sell my 4 cameras and look elsewhere.

Unfortunately for Wyze, the timing is really bad. I could see a lot of people that got Wyze cameras for Christmas that haven’t set them up yet returning them if they heard of this breach. Especially if they’re brand new users that unlike many of us here, don’t have much time or money invested in the brand. A lot of us here have seen how responsive Wyze is to customers and have grown to really like the company, but brand new users could be really put off with wide spread news on a data breach. I just hope it doesn’t hurt Wyze too much because I really like their products and staff


Very good post very good post

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The only problem I have at this point is the lack of communication with the users at large. I think the right thing to do is email all registered users the information posted at the top of this post on 12/27.

And provide updates or means to obtain an update (if people don’t want successive emails).

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When you are already in the connection you are already authenticated. You will not be affected for this case. Once your connection is off or you make some other operations (e.g. move to the device list page or event page) you will be logged out until you manually log in again.

[Update] I saw Mark has responded this morning. This is duplicate info


suspected data breach which may contain not a lot of useful info

there has been plenty of communications. I dont know why people are making a massive thing on this…

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