Unable to view doorbell vam in a group but works independently

Uploaded logs 1207142
The cam works when viewing the stream but not in a group.

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While Wyze employees do come here sometimes, this is still a user to user forum.

Have you contacted Wyze support?
Logs are best accompanied with a support ticket.

If it’s something they can’t resolve through their troubleshooting steps they can escalate to engineers with your log ID.

Out of curiosity what doorbell are you using, app version, and Firmware version? Would like to see if I can reproduce.


This was an issue that was identified and reported in the previous Production Versions of the App… I believe it started in 2.44 and continued to 2.45 but I would have to search the Beta and production threads for the reference.

I am happy to say that the latest 2.46 Beta App RC II which is in final testing has fixed the issue. The VDBv1 will stream within the group and will also stream when opened to live stream from the group.

You tagged your Topic “Beta Bug” are you running the Beta App?

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