Transparent header in phone app

In a recent past version of the phone app, the header was transparent, which meant instead of the bright white bar above the images in camera group view, the white bar was gone and the images could fill that space.


After the next update, it went back to full opaque bright white. GRRR.

Is there a way to change that back? Or can you please give us that option? I hate the bright white header, especially when I’m using the app to monitor a group of cameras in a dark room.

It was so great to be able to use that space for the images to slide up under, which also meant I could see more of the 4th cam in the stack. It was so good, now it’s back to so bad. Please tell me there’s a way?

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The following image, has a red arrow pointing to what the OP is asking to be Transparent so that the streams take up the full screen.

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