Thermostat now cooling properly

Just installed a Wyze thermostat after Christmas and it has been cool so I haven’t really noticed how well or effectively my house has been cooled down. With a little bit of warmer weather, I try to turn the cool on to 68 or so and though cool-ish air comes out, it just doesn’t seem to cool down. Showing temps of 75 or so on the thermostat after hours of the fan running.
Pictures of wiring set ups.

Welcome to the Wyze community. I have installed and used 4 Wyze thermostats in different environments with different equipment so I hope that you do not mind if I ask a few questions before trying to give a solution.

It looks like from your picture you have a single stage conventional heater and a single stage conventional air conditioner, Can you confirm this answer? (Just FYI: The thermostat makes these turn on by connecting the Rc and the W1 for heat or the Rc and the Y1 for cooling.) Did you have any doubt when setting up the thermostat as to what type of system you had? OK moving on…

When you call for cooling does the compressor turn on outside? If so, place you hands on the two pipes going in to it, (inside or outside does not make a difference.) Is the larger diameter pipe cold and the small diameter pipe warm or hot? This would indicate the compressor is compressing the refrigerant gas.

If you can answer the questions above I think I could give you a pretty good answer as to where to look for your issue.