Thermostat not running fan when cooling. Fan work with heat

So the fan is not coming on when the cooling cycle starts. I have the set point just a few degrees under room temp i hear the ac outside kick on but no fan comes on. The thermostat says it will take 42 min to reach setpoint.

When i run the heat the fan kicks on just like it should.

I’ve run the test and the heat part of the test work but the cooling section turns on the AC unit out side bu never runs the fan.

You probably have a problem with your G wire. A furnace will run the blower fan by itself, but an AC unit will not. Show a picture of your thermostat wiring and your furnace wiring. Disconnect power to your furnace and pull gently on the G wire to make sure it isn’t broken near the end,

Thanks for replying. When I set up the Wyze thermostat I had the G wire connected but during the setup I was told to disconnect that wire. So I disconnected it.

After your replay I tried connecting the G wire back up and then tried Cooling mode. I’d didn’t help same issue.

? There’s no way the ac will ever work with the G wire disconnected, It might have told you that the G wire wasn’t detected, but it should never tell you to remove it.

I found the issue. I reset my Wyze thermostat and deleted the device on the app and restarted the setup. I believe i didn’t select G wire when i selected what my old thermostat had. Then it told be disconnect it.

This time i did select it and wasn’t asked to remove the G wire this time and now everything works.

I could not have figured this out with out your help. Thanks very much. I now have fan cycle option that i didn’t have before

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