Thermostat (Cloud icon)

The firmware is the latest. I did a reset as mentioned in previous posts but this is a real pain as just like the vacuum (but worse) you have to go through the entire setup process.

Same here now. I just checked and the cloud is back. Did a firmware update and it’s still there.

The cloud icon showing while the Thermostat is still manageable means the thermostat can not reach the cloud, but is otherwise functional and can talk to the App. I have had this happen three or four times and all those times it was due to congested traffic to the router. I was able to fix it by switching the router to using a different channel. Wyze support will be able to help you figure out which channels are less congested.

Thanks. I’m trying to get help from Wyze support but nothing yet.

Unless you call them you’ll need some patience for that :slight_smile: