Sync scale data automatically

I understand the current process is to store data on the scale until the app is opened. I’d love an option to have that sync to happen automatically after I step off. For me this would solve two issues:

  1. Having to open the Wyze app, wait for sync, then Fitbit, wait for sync, then a website (trendweight) to sync with Fitbit
  2. Leaving my house, then remembering I never synced, so waiting until I return home for data.


Keep in mind the scale uses Bluetooth, so your phone needs to be nearby and the Wyze app running. It would make sense that the scale syncs even if the Wyze app is not actively open, just running in the background. Is this not the case? I’m not home to test

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@R.Good coukd you test? Thanks

It appears that you still need to call up the scale in the Wyze app in order for the scale to sync, even if you have opened the Wyze App in the range of Bluetooth.


I’ve been seeing the same behavior for all Scale types. In fact, for all Wyze Bluetooth devices that sync data.


Yes, I have to open the app, then bring up the scale.

I’m pretty sure this is feasible since my years-old Nokia scale syncs at weigh-in, although it connects directly to wifi.

Really hoping this is possible!