Stealth WyzeCam

Impressive. I would never notice that, much cleaner than having the Cameras out in the open. Question, what do you use the DOT for? Music?

Well, I often sit on the porch chairs and listen to poor quality music or news, and read the newspaper. And leave the phone inside the house to get away from it once in a while. So, Alexa is handy to answer the question, “what’s the time?” And I have a Kiwkset e-lock (for years). The Dot allows me to command the door is locked, unlocked, open the garage door or close the garage door from the porch. I’m just so lazy, and there was room for the Dot. Dot’s are only $15 on ebay or on Amazon sale.


+1 for the lego wizard!

Would you mind posting a little bit more about how you made the hidden cam and the bottle and anything about the mention of your acoustic foam? Please and thank you in advance

Another trick. How about buying dummy cameras? About $15 for four.

It distract the attention instead of Wyze and it looks real. Theif will go other houses instead of yours. Remember they want to get the easy house first before the harder one.

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