Sound for each camera

I am using the beta app for IOS and have 2x V2 and 2x PAN cameras. I noticed that when I turn the sound off of one camera it changes for all cameras. I only want one camera to have sound and the rest to be turned off. Is this a glitch or is this something that wasn’t thought of. Any whoo hope this can be fixed in later updates.

It’s not a glitch, but it is an interesting design choice. Think of the sound switch as an on/off switch for any camera that’s in single view. It’s global within the app and it’s always been that way.

But now that we have camera grouping, when you are in multi cam view and turn on sound for a camera, it will be for that camera only. (I’m not sure if that feature has made it to beta yet.)

EDIT: It’s in the beta being released tomorrow.