Sold my house with my Wyse Thermostat. New owner can't add without going through installation wiring?

How can a new owner add the thermostat to the Wyse app, without being forced to rip off the faceplate to identify the wiring? The app insists on running through the “Preparation” and installation of the thermostat.

It’s already installed! And has been for 2 years!

There’s no option to skip installation and wiring identification.

Can you imagine a technophobe trying to use this “smart” device?

I don’t have a thermostat, but I imagine you can just hit next on all the wiring pages and get to the setup

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I think you would need to delete the device from your account . And the new home owner would have to create their own account , and add the device to their account . In order to do that they would need to be right besides it to connect via Bluetooth .

And for the part about the wiring , yes they would need to just remove the device from the back panel to see what wires it’s using so when they are going through the set up they can select the wires that are their .

I’m pretty sure that’s it .


I’m trying to imagine any other appliance, tool or device, where the user is forced to trace the wiring to simply use.

If Wyse would just let you skip the “preparation” section, problem solved.

It’s as if the engineers never imagined someone would be installing it, then passing it on to someone else.

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I was under the impression there was a reset function on the thermostat menus itself. Then they’d just need to add it to their account. That is, unless the original owner disabled access from the thermostat itself.

Nope. Hitting next tells you the thermostat is not compatible and your only option is to go back or exit.

I misread this initially. You can safely pull the thermostat from its wiring housing to identify the wiring. You don’t need to unscrew or disassemble or trace anything. This is the same for all thermostats dumb and smart.

All they need to do is pull, write down which wires are used, plug back in, input values, continue setup.

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Once you delete it from your app, the new owners will need to do a full install since it will be a new WiFi network as well

In the unit menu, there is a reset function to get it to where it can be installed to their account in the app.

When the app setup asks for wiring, just tell it the wires you see in the mounting plate. If it tells you it is incompatible don’t worry. When it tells you time to mount the Thermostat, press SKIP.

Make sure the new owner has WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS all turned on during the setup.

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I understand the steps necessary.

The point is, why does Wyse force a new owner to go through the preparation step at all?

How about just clicking “New Installation” or “Existing Installation” to skip the preparation step.

Imagine Great Aunt Sally, buying the house and moving in.

Should she really have to pull the faceplate off, get out her flashlight and reading glasses and notebook to turn on her A/C?

This is a major design fail.

Yea I get it and understand completely but these are the steps you need to do in order for a new user to add the device to the app .

It’s a “smart” device with relatively nascent technology serving a critical home function. It doesn’t sound like too much to ask for a new homeowner to go through a one time setup like that in order to ensure things work as expected.

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