Solar power V3 pro with no wifi to protect storage buildings

Can I use the Wyze cam v3 pro with a solar panel to detect movement and record video on a SD card. My storage building has no electrical power or WiFi. If I have a break in I would like to have the video to retrieve from the SD card.

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Short answer is “No*”.

The solar panel will not be able to power the V3P unless there is some battery appliance in between it and the solar panel. The WCO works with the solar panel because it charges the onboard batteries and the fact that the WCO has a “sleep” state between recordings/uses.

The Wyze cameras on startup are very WIFI dependant so without WIFI, it wont work. With the V3s, you can power up the V3 in an area with Wifi, where it will start up, then you can move the V3 outside the wifi, while still keeping the V3 pwoered and it will still record to the SD card. Since the V3P hasnt been shipped yet, it is unknown if this will work the same.

Your use case of no power or wifi is hard to fit any of the current Wyze cameras into. The closest fit id say is a WCO on travel mode.


Here are some great DIY solutions from fellow forum users:

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And a #wishlist topic for a solar-powered battery backup that can be used as a power source for cams:


So I found this on Amazon (link below). Which could be useful for a solar setup as you could have the input connect to a solar panel. The question is will the battery last over night and how big of a solar panel do you need for it to be charged up. Would be interesting to test out.
Link: #ad

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I don’t think that unit is designed to be used with solar panel. Solar panels output is upward of 12V and that unit is powered with a 5V wall plug. You would need to make some modifications to drop the panels voltage to 5V.

You’d be better off following the links that Seapup posted above and build your own to suit your requirements. The 3000 mAH might not be enough to supply the camera in case you don’t have enough sun for couple of days. I might be wrong here, but that 3000 mAH equals to 3 AH, which means it will only last for three hours drawing one Amp. At best, it will power the camera for maybe five hours.

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