Should Support change procedures?

Should WyzeCam’s Support change their procedures?

1: Perhaps don’t issue a new ticket # every time customer responds by email, to an email from Wyze Support which already has a Ticket #?? Sometimes clarity for some customers needs a little more interchange than a glorified FAQ. I already have a bunch of Ticket #s for one thread.

2: If WyzeCam Support would like responses covered by another entity to verify Quality Control, e.g.: “Stella”, then always make it clear at the START of each message from Support, that we can expect such an email. I put mine in Spam right away until I verified its validity.

Just sayin’.

Also, 3: Maybe Support could / should verify if you are Direct employees to Wyze or has Wyze outsourced their support functions e.g.: to ZenDesk (seems to be the most common one)? It does matter to me, though I have no complaints about ZenDesk except they make it IMPOSSIBLE to maintain continuity with the SAME HUMAN on a complicated or confusing issue. The “new handler” in a thread, NEVER EVER reads what went before. It is as bad as trying to tell your story to the cops, repeat repeat repeat. Maybe the cops have a purpose with that, but in a Customer Support setting it is counter productive.

And: no “outsourced support” does as well as in-house. Especially for a rebellious sort such as I, who dislikes “being handled” i.e.: disposed of.

Hope I can be somewhat helpful with these suggestions.


Hello, AppUsr!

I am here to help answer your questions and I’m a Wyze employee. ?

  1. You SHOULDN’T receive a new ticket every time you respond by email. This usually happens for one of three reasons. Most likely you use multiple email addresses and you responded from a different email address than the one originally used to contact us, you responded to the email in a different location than the top of the email, or the subject line of the email was changed either by you or possibly your email app. We don’t like when that happens either! And we do understand that it is frustrating. Would you like to give us your ticket numbers so that we can merge these (and your contacts if you were using different email addresses)?

  2. I gave your feedback to the team! Sorry for the concern about validity. We see where you’re coming from and one of the managers has made a note to bring this up.

  3. All of the support people are direct employees of Wyze. I’m hanging out with all of them in our office right now! We would prefer that you speak with the same human through your support process unless your ticket needs to be escalated. I think that this may be related to your first point where you’re ending up with multiple support tickets. We DO NOT see what was in those other tickets unless we know that there WAS another ticket.