Second set of outdoor cameras not connecting

Does anyone else currently operate 2 sets of outdoor cameras? do you have problems with the second set not wanting to connect 50 feet past the base station?

i bought a starter bundle and 3 add on cameras from wyze back in March and have been running ever since with only a couple minor hiccups. Well last week i bought 2 more starter bundles because for some reason they don’t sell add on cameras anymore. well they came in today and i setup the second base station and the 2 cameras put them on charge. one got to 100% and so i went outside to mount it and i opened the app on my phone and it said connecting… number of attempts: 2,3,4,5 then it said force close the app and try power cycling the camera so i did and the same thing happened so i went inside next to the base station closed the app power cycled the camera and it connected so i waited a few minutes and opened the app it was viewing live so i waited a couple more minutes to make sure it would still view live. went back outside just as soon as i got up to where i was going to mount it same thing happened would not connect. this camera is only going to be mounted 10 foot off the ground about 50 feet through one wall from the base station. i have one other camera that i got in march mounted 300 feet from the base station with no problems. i don’t know what the problem is. i need help thanks in advance