SD recording with no subscription?

Thanks, I did end up logging in into my account and subscribing as you describe.

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@Newhouse I am having the same issue. I try to set it to record to SD but I get no media for events other than the thumbnail. It’s beyond disappointing. I have numerous Wyze cameras along with gun safe, vacuum, bulbs, etc. and at this point I’m just moving on. I understand that they need to have income to support them ongoing but I should at minimum have the functionality I was sold on when I bought the products. I didn’t sign up for the “free” subscription because I don’t want yet another subscription (Adobe, Microsoft, etc. etc. ) and I’m sure at some point it will cease to be free and billing will commence.

To reiterate what has been said multiple times on this forum…the thumbnails do NOT represent video on the SD cards. They are a simple notification of motion detection that would be recorded to the cloud if you have CamPlus or CamPlus lite. To see what is recorded on the SD Card select Playback either on the events tab or while on the live view screen for the camera. That takes you the video on the SD card, at least for V2, V3 and PanCams. I’m not familiar with the workings of the outdoor cam.


I understand that’s the way it’s reported to work but does not. There is no way (including what you describe) to view the recorded video via the app (and this is with a V2 camera).

Here is one of my V2 cameras which clearly shows SD Card playback :

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@faaque, Login to your account not from the app and sign up for CamPlus Lite and it will work the way it used to be.

I.m using 3 v2s with Ads with no issues

You absolutely can view the uSD card video without any sort of subscription. Sounds like you are trying to view via the Events tab (which IS cloud based), rather than View Playback on the cameras main page.


Yep this is a scam . I also have SD card installed and no way Jose does it work either way . seems to me a big money grab . Free = SCAM

How, exactly, did you try to access the recordings on the sd card?

events sections and home page section… just got snap shot

saw your snapshot of video and clicked also on the sd card and nothing happening

also the cams without SD cards has pop up " view playback " where my 1 can WITH SD card I don’t have that pop up

I wonder if there is a Wyze video that illustrates the difference between cloud storage and microSD storage.

This seems to throw a few people off their rocker.

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Guys/Gals, it ain’t that hard to view the 12 second events that are recorded to you SD Card, that’s IF you have on installed. When you open the app, click on “events” at the bottom of the screen. That’s all there is to it.

Yeah. I don’t understand how since its so easy. Even after they get a motion/sound alert to review them. SMH

You did enable SD card recording in the cameras advance settings didn’t you?

Clicking on events is CLOUD based recordings - NOT uSD card recording. However after selecting an event, you can select the icon at the bottom that sort of looks like SD card, and that will take you to the uSD recording timeline at that same time.
To directly access uSD recordings, select the camera from the Home tab and then select “View Playback”. That gets to the uSD card recordings.
As WildBill said, you do need to enable uSD card recording in each camera…

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All I can tell ya is that is how I receive/view my 12 second recordings. I’m not subscribed to any of their cloud services.

You may not think so, but check the services tab in the account section. Wyze did roll some accounts over to CamPlus Lite without any user interaction, specifically those with legacy person detection.

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