SD card playback flaws

anyone having issues when playing video back off of an SD card such as sound and video not matching up; clicking noise that accompanies audio; the blue lines on the time line that indicate activity, not being present when you know they should be… and then suddenly appearing? Now I can’t connect to one of my V2 cams.

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What SD card do you have? Is it at least a Class 10?


yes, it’s class 10.

same ones I’m using and I haven’t run into this issue

I just installed a class 10 SD 32g SD card on my cam (have had it since November) to try the playback feature and am noticing a clicking sound on playback when audio is detected. No clicking on live stream though. As for the blue indicators I am noticing that they do not match up (ie. Baby is sleeping and making no noise but shows blue line to indicate sound…)

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Sound and video not in sync? Yes.

Clicking noise? Yes, if the recording was made at twilight or in dim light. (the clicking is the sound of the mechanical IR shutter constantly flipping back and forth, and the microphone picks up the sound). That may not be the issue you’re describing.

Activity bands (green, or perhaps aqua:-) on Playback timeline indicating that there’s nothing present when you know there’s something was recorded? Yes.

Activity bands suddenly appearing when they weren’t there before? Yes.

All these flaws have been reported to Wyze support. I’ve sent them samples of video clips with out-of-sync audio/video, clips with the clicking caused by IR filter flipping back and forth, and screenshots of the ‘missing’ activity bands on the timeline. It might be helpful to open additional trouble tickets so they know these defects are impacting other customers.


I too get the clicking sounds all day long when using SD playback…

@kyphos good to know you reported these problems… Hopefully they will fix the SD playback one day… Hopefully before they start releasing new products

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you have the same type of problems?

Yes I do have it where the sound and video are not in sync… Usually sound is ahead. I noticed this occurs when I try to record a video from playback. I have clicking issues at night so I guess that’s the ir shutter… But not sure what triggers it. I don’t have issues with the aqua playback…I have to wait a few seconds before it loads though.

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Does the clicking stop if you adjust the sound sensitivity setting? I had that problem before as well but it seemed to be corrected after I adjusted that.

I haven’t tried that yet but will give it a whirl.

Same problem for me mate, exactly as you describe.

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