SD card functionality

I do not have a subscription to Wyze. My understanding is that once an SD card was put in the events would be recorded into the SD card and available to view on my phone. Is this correct? Right now with the card in and formatted correctly I just see the screen shot of the event and not the recorded video.

That is correct. However, the events tab will show an image of what triggered the event. To view your card, you will need to go to the Live Stream and tap on View Playback. That will read from the card.

If you are in the events screen and tap on the image which triggered the event, there may be a Playback option which is supposed to take you to the SD Card for that camera.

On the v3 with a SD card in it open the camera to live view and tap playback. The events page is cloud videos, which you do not have. You are supposed to be able to play back the SD recordings from the events page but some users (Like Me) are having
issues with that. It works on four of my five V3 cams. Open event and tap the SD card icon. I record continuous on all my cams.

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Thanks you solved my issue!

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