Schedule failing since returning to standard time

Seems like whenever we fell back to standard time, an indoor bulb schedule I’ve had running for my parents began failing to turn the lights out as it has been for years.

I have them scheduled to start at their local sunset and power off at 1:00 a.m. EST.

Troubleshooting steps thus far include. 1) power cycled both bulbs, and. 2) deleted the schedule item and recreated a new one with similar parameters. The bulbs continue to turn on at sunset, but then fail to turn off at 1:00 a.m.

Anything wonky w/tasks in the cloud since the time change earlier this month?

Two things. First, look at the Rule History to see if it thinks it’s running. Second, try adjusting the end time (even by just one minute).

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Interesting. Last night, I did precisely what you’ve suggested herein. Recreated the schedule with fixed times and adjusted them one minute forward on each end. Seems to have worked last night and going to try moving the start time back to sunset.

GMTA… :+1:t2:

Although it has been a while, I remember that the app would not function at certain times. Moving the time even by one minute fixed the issue. I have no knowledge if that was fixed or people jus work around it.

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