Rtsp not in the new update

I got the Wyze cam v2 and I want to configure my camera to link through RTSP

BUT WHEN I TRY to generate the link through that the Advance setting It’s not there ?

What I can do ?

There is special firmware for RTSP:

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I’ve downloaded the RTSP firmware, saved (demo.bin) to a 32GB SD card that was formatted in the PanCam, went through the firmware update process (e.g. SD card in, hold Reset button down while inserting power cable, wait for blue light, release) and process seems to finish correctly. However, when I go to the iOS app and look for RTSP in “Advanced Settings” it’s not there. What else can I try??? Thanks!

Same thing is happening to me…any solution?

did you find a solution? I have the same problem

This discussion covers things that may fix it for you, but I don’t think there has been a confirmed solution yet…

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No. Since going back, successfully, to an earlier version of the firmware and trying, unsuccessfully, to install the RTSP firmware, I’ve been unsuccessful in getting back to the most recent firmware.
Occasionally, after using the iOS app to eject the SD card, I get an error message in Windows 10 that there’s something wrong with the SD card when I open it on my desktop. However, I’ve been able to ignore that message and load files onto the SD card. I’ve contacted Wyze support twice in recent days with no reply yet. I plan on purchasing another PanCam on Amazon to see if a different camera behaves the same way.

very disappointed,

No luck with the iPad version of the Wyze app either.

RTSP installation worked just fine in new/different Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze PanCam cameras. It looks like my first try with my other PanCam failed because of the camera itself.

I had the same issue and figured out you can manually create the URL using the info you provide when configuring RSTP and the IP address found in Device Info:


Successfully working in Shinobi on an Ubuntu box.

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