Robot vacuum - like a drunken soldier?

Has anyone else noticed this? When I tell the robot to clean a room that’s a few rooms away from the charging station, it starts to hug some of the walls and goes back and forth at certain spots as if it has no idea where to go and then finally moves towards the room in a fairly straight line. This back and forth movement adds about 5 minutes or more to the cleaning time. Is it just me?

I’ve been in this situation, and in general, there are two possibilities:

1、The map is wrong, you can check the map on the App, is it right?
2、may be the device relocation is wrong, you can try to restart.

I have encountered the same behavior. The most recent time was because I had a room split line in an awkward place. I went ahead and remapped for good measure and it seem to have corrected the odd path my WRV wanted to take to a room, which was not the fastest route.

For reference, drunken soldiers still clean really well :grin: