Robot Vac - navigating ramps?

Does anyone have any experience with the vacuum navigating a wheelchair ramp? I have a sunken family room down two steps. Would the vac go down the ramp, clean the room and the return back up the ramp to the rest of the house?

Yes, you can have it go up and down some ramps. Mine does.

Just don’t use anything that’s totally black or the cliff sensors will think it can’t travel there (I found this out by trying to hold a ramp steady with black tape and the vacuum hated it…without the black tape it worked fine).

I have a similar situation in my home (a couple of places with just 2 steps) and so I tested slope boundaries in order to figure out what kind of ramp was needed. I recorded the boundaries with some video and examples and explanations that you should find quite helpful in this post:

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Thank you for your research, this is exactly the info I need.I will make the ramp at 20° or less, this will allow the robot vacuum to clean the family room. I am really Impressed so far with the vacuum. There are a few bugs in the software, but I am confident they will get them fixed in the short term. I have owned a bunch of Irobot Roombas In the past, but the wWyze version is a step up in technology and performance.

Jon Parker

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to see that there is finally someone else besides me who needed a solution for using a ramp to go to a sunken floor like I have too and that my post was actually beneficial to someone in more than just theory. :slight_smile: