Return to clean air

With the fall weather, we leave the windows open.

I have ‘Return to Clean Air’ toggled off yet when we come home the air purifier is running.

Also, I get a message on my phone stating we will come home to clean air.

For now, I just unplug it when we leave and have the windows open.

I have removed and reinstalled the purifier with the same results.

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If you have the air purifier running and set to auto if the AQI reaches certain levels the motor will speed up, I know the first jump is at AQI of 50. The only way to avoid that is to set the air purifier to a desired speed or turn it off.

The message you are getting is it a notification or in the app itself?

I think what @TomG is saying is that he has return to clean air turned OFF yet when he’s coming back home the air purifier is turning on before he gets home and he gets the notification saying that return to clear air has started .

Basically he’s got geo fencing turned off on his air purifier but the unit thinks it’s toggled on

I’m also suffering from this @TomG

I have return to clear air turned off yet when I’m leaving my house and coming back I get the notification that it’s been triggered off / on

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Exactly. It is turned off in the app but it really isn’t.

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Seems to have fixed itself. Works as designed. :+1:

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Nice . I’m glad to hear that

Same here . I actually had geo fencing turned off for 2 weeks and the unit was turning on / off whenever I was getting home / leaving from home and I’d get the notifications

I completely forgot that I turned off geo fencing until you made a post about it .

It seemed to finally work right now , i just turned on return to clear air and then turned it off . And no more geo fencing , so seems to be working great now :slight_smile:

Let’s blame it on sunspots.

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Operator error/loose nut behind the wheel.

The air purifier was turned off at the purifier, but not in the app. Once I turned it off in the app, no more notifications and the purifier stays off.

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