Report issue with no acknowledgment or reply

Report issue with no acknowledgment or reply. I guess I am on my own. Since that is the case, I will say goodbye.

So sorry to hear of your lack of response. Can I get your ticket number so I can see what happened?

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There was nothing. No ticket number.

How exactly did you file your report? You should have received an email with the ticket number.

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Did you check your spam folder? You should have received a ticket number automatically.

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When you file a report it automatically generates a reply with a ticket number. It could have been in your Spam Folder?

Unless you meant you created a thread somewhere on these forums? If that is what you meant you need to understand we are all volunteers here, none of us work for Wyze. We are happy to help but if you want official Wyze support you need to fill out a support ticket either in the app or on the official site here:


Used Report an issue. There was no reply. I appreciate all your help and reply, but , and I know you are not Wzye employees, I need help from support. I can not get it so am in my own to try and solve my problem. Thanks again.

So, what’s the issue?

I need to change my email address.

Currently I believe that’s not supported. Although there was a thought they might support it someday.

I believe you just need to create a new account, and reregister your devices to the new account but I am honestly not sure.

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That’s why I am trying to get support, as a DBA could do this.

Yes, I am told support can do that. I would just submit another ticket. You might try a different device, or from the web version of the forum. If you don’t get a ticket number in a reasonable amount of time, try again. It is not normal not to get a ticket number within a few minutes. Their actual reply will take longer.


I would recommend trying the form that rbruceporter suggested instead. You definitely should have received an automatic reply email so it’s likely that your message didn’t come through properly.

Forum email addresses can be changed but we cannot change Wyze account email addresses at this time. rbruceporter is correct that we would recommend creating a new account and registering the devices to it.

Wyze Customer Support

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I tried submitting my request on a different media and that worked. I am having a running conversation with support. I am a very disappointed customer right now. But, that’s OK .

Thank you for the update, News. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know.


Support wasn’t able to handle my request. So I will just say it was been fun and goodbye.

Did you ask nicely?

Sure did. I might have asked too many questions.

This has come up a few times. I do think they are working on it. Sorry they could not accommodate you. :confused:

The sad part is I loose everything.