Replacement Battery Straps for Wyze Car

"This question pertains to the Wyze Car. I have broken one of the rubber straps that hold the battery pack. Can I purchase a replacement pair? "

Hi @willjam513.

I did some searching and couldn’t find an exact band and configuration of the Wyze Car Battery straps, but, I did find these bands

They are .5 in width like the original bands. You could cut them to length (4in and 5/8) and center punch (probably with a hole punch) as a replacement.

You could also contact Wyze Support and see if they have replacements?


Thanks for the input. I will try Wyze support and see if I can get replacements. But getting to them can be a pain. I think your suggestion probably is better.

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How about velcro straps

bicycle inner tubes might be similar. One of my straps broke at the hole at end of strap.