Removable cap for wyzelock thumb-latch for special needs safety

I was wondering if it would be at all possible to design a removable cap for the thumb-latch on your wyze lock. I have a young adult in my home who is autistic and is a bit of an escape risk. For his safety we have various mechanisms to keep him from getting out of our home without our knowledge. We like the wyze lock but he can work the thumb latch so we have to use other means to secure the door from the inside. Something as simple as a removable cap would be a deterrent to him and other kids/adults such as him while making it easier to get out in case of an emergency. Additions like this would make you stand out in the special need community as it is a very underserved market and growing everyday. This could also be a big fiscal opportunity for wyze in the future if you were to be company that considered this part of the population.