Remote Camera Setup

I’ve have wyze cameras and also the wyze outdoor camera with hub. I like the image recognition and motion detection. This is what I’ve been trying to build, please provide suggestions:

  • remote camera powered by solar (currently works well)
  • cell service as no WiFi available (I have an Android phone there with hotspot)
  • wyze camera for detection
  • since wyze doesn’t have API post ability, thinking of using IFTTT to get notifications and send to my API to track events

Am I making this way harder than it needs to be?

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Good question. :slight_smile:

I’m not much informed in atypical setups and I can follow what you’re saying so that’s a good sign. Your setup doesn’t seem too convoluted.

We’ll see if anyone with better chops happens along…

Not sure why you need IFTTT. What is the target for your notifications?

The fact is, with your cell phone providing Internet access, you have all the regular Wyze (and/or Alexa and/or Apple and/or Google) integrations and notifications already available. Just using the ordinary Wyze app. In other words, with hotspot WiFi and mobile data, your camera isn’t really “remote” at all.

On the other hand, if your phone will NOT be providing 24/7 Internet access to it, a Wyze camera becomes mostly useless.

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