Remap function without dustbin installed

Hi Wyzers,

This is what I noticed recently. I cleaned my dustbin and it was wet. So I did not install it back. I needed to change my charger position, which I am not able to do without remapping the whole floor. So I thought meanwhile I can do remapping as that would not need the dustbin in the place. However, when I started the remap, it deleted the old maps and then complained about no dustbin.

  1. Remap function should work without dustbin / brush.
  2. If its not going to start mapping, the old maps should not be deleted right away.
  3. During remap, there is no reason to keep brushes rolling. We just need a map, no cleaning.

I can speak to one part of this. if you have the latest Beta ( i don’t know the number off hand and don’t have my phone handy) you should have the option to “quick map” which is just the mapping without the full vacuum. it just goes around a makes a new map. be aware you MAY have to reset your map to be able to do this and in that event you would have to set up any virtual walls or rooms edits you had done previously

I am talking exactly about that function. I have observed that the brushes are rolling even though its just mapping the floor.

the brushes might be mechanically geared ( im not sure on that one) so that if the robot is moving the brushes are moving. in that case just the suction is off. but it still saves quite a bit of battery doing that :slight_smile:

Yeah, agree. I am also not sure if its just software controlled or hardware.
But in any case, it should not put an angle to the map!

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I used the quick map feature, and although it didn’t use the vacuum/brush roll when just mapping, the map was about 5-10 degrees rotated (instead of being perfectly North/South), and then also it seemed to create “ghosting” for walls as it would wander around that were false walls. Ultimately, it was unusable and I had to go back to the regular method of running the cleaning mode and babysitting/putting down red walls to guide it through mapping.

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