Relocate pairing button on entry sensors

My window frames are about the same width as the entry sensor so that, when I attach the sensor, the pairing button is flush with the window jamb. This makes it impossible to depress the pairing button once the entry sensor is installed. The pairing button should be on the face of the sensor, not on the side opposite the detection magnet. I’ve uploaded a picture.

Good idea, I voted for it. Did you? The count was zero when I added my vote.

You can also avoid that issue by pairing before you mount. :slight_smile:

I did pair the sensors before I mounted them. But then I had to replace the hub (which Wyze thought was defective but probably wasn’t).

I need to figure out how to vote. I’m new to the forum.

Welcome to the Wyze community Hillyjd. To vote, click the “Vote” button up at the top left of your 1st post. Clicking the number above “Vote” displays who voted:


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To be the devil’s advocate, one reason for not putting it on the face would be accidental activations of the pairing (especially if one has small children).

Perhaps underneath or on top would be a good compromise?

I thought about that. I recommended the front because there are a couple of windows in my house where I would like to have the sensor in the upper corner. So having the pairing button on top might be a problem. Since you have to hold the button for several seconds to activate the pairing function, I would think the risk of accidental activation is pretty small.