Recording with V3

“What is the simplest way to start recording V3 without going through the over 14 steps ?”

This assumes you have set up the cam and it is connected to your 2.4Ghz network:

Put good high endurance sd card in camera 32 or 64GB
Open app
open cam to live view
tap gear icon top right to open setting
turn on event recording, turn on detects motion
Go to advanced settings turn on record to Micro SD card
Select continuous.

Only six steps. :grin:

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And 2 of those 6 steps are optional, and required only if you use an SD card. I’m a firm believer in using an SD card, but it’s still optional. Just saying…

Thats 4 too many. I shoot run & gun I’ve got to be rolling in a matter of seconds.
Many locations. I may have to return.
Thanks anyway
Jaime J

Sounds like a bank robber or looter :roll_eyes:

And press Record.

Insert SD card in the cam so 4 steps :melting_face:

You don’t need an SD card when you just press Record on the live view page. It just saves live view to your device. :slight_smile:

Can do - Thanks

Unfortunately this method requires you to keep the app and phone open.

But if you simply set up an SD card, you really don’t have any steps after setup. It will always record when the camera is powered after that.

I stand corrected you are correct. :upside_down_face: Just hope the phone battery is healthy. Continuous recording 24/7 365 to the SD card is the BEST !!!

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